Bathroom estimate

Classic Contemporary Master Bathroom, Vanity

­­­­Let’s talk about next steps…..

By this point I’m guessing you’ve done some research. You probably checked out some advice on having a bathroom remodeled. Maybe looked at a few design stiles, material pro’s and cons and maybe some color pallets that best fit your taste. I hope you took good notes, if not grab a pen and note pad. All the information you’ve collected should be considered in your project review with a professional.

If you’re ready, it’s time to call your local bathroom expert, request a bathroom estimate and discus your project. Every remodeler has their own process and to make this easier for you I’ll let you know a little about ours.

  • The first call is where we learn about your project. What you would like remodeled, why you are looking to remodel (this is more important than you think) and when. We discus timelines, ball park costs and scope of work. This is our first opportunity to see if we are a good fit for one another. If we both like what we hear we go to step two.

Photograph, Measure and take notes


The in-home consult. We don’t charge for the in home consult but it is important. This is where we get a better idea of your project by seeing it, photographing it, taking measurements and discussing it in greater detail. What you typically see at this point is back packs full of samples, contracts with a great huge discount if you sign today or a threat to only get this price here and now. Fact is, we won’t even provide your bathroom estimate at this point.


  • Step three is what happens between me and our expert designer and project manager. We review your current bathroom photos and drawings as well as the goals for your new bathroom. We discus design options, limitations, costs and timelines. Then we reach out to you to proceed.
  • This step begins with an invitation to our showroom. We review your estimate with a detailed breakdown of what’s involved. We also review timelines as well as costs.
Sample tiles

Tile Samples

If you like what we present and have a little extra time we can begin the design process in this meeting. Please keep in mind design choices always affect the cost and we will advise you in greater detail during this meeting.

I know you’re expecting the typical “this price is only good today” part here but you won’t find it. We provide you with a bathroom estimate good for at least 30 days. If you are on a timeline we should be mindful of it. Some things that may affect your timeline are special order tiles, custom cabinets and even our availability.


  • If you made it this far it means you like the design concept and the price seems reasonable. Don’t worry, you’re in the company of hundreds of families who felt the same. This step is a review of the project docs, a contract review and signing and we discus payment structure.
  • Your primary contact point and rep remains the same throughout the process but additional team members become involved as we move forward. You are assigned a team leader, you will have a project manager and of course you have your rep.